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Colin F.Jones:My Tribute To America






Every year, while I can I will post a poem for each day of

September in remembrance of  the Twin Tower tragedy.

While some of these were written in September 2001,

I will write a new poem for September 11 every year

 and post it on that day.


New York

Sep 1

The dead heart of New York

Still simmers and smokes

But her soul is safe and sound

She turns like a wheel

With Golden spokes

Her destiny is profound


All the streets are filled

With multiracial folks

Where the monarch of freedom was crowned

Where the resilient reveal

With humorous jokes

American courage renowned


When New York cried

The face of the World

Was drenched with her terrible tears

For many people had died

By the terrorists sword

That would affect the great City for years


But how proud they survived

The young and the old

Overcoming the terrorist fears

For the cities true soul

Was purer than Gold

In the nation the world reveres.





City of Tears

Sep 2

Twin Towers of Freedom,

Rubble in the street

Of the city of tears

That weeps not in defeat

Victim of the vile

The mind incomplete

A tangled twisted pile

Of Terrorist elite

Evil cannot win here

For the power of the great

Holding freedom dear

Will measure out its fate



Sep 3



The tyrant with his evil scheme,

realizes not distorted dream,

Where it relies on toxic sod,

Therein to bury love of God.

To know no evil is to be,

without the knowledge of the free,

For of sweet  love the evil starved,

have hate within their bosoms carved.

They tempted Christ with null effect,

For all their hate he did reject,

And now with love attacked by hate,

We stand together strong and straight

For from the ashes of our woe,

Love grows much stronger than the foe.



Fear Not

Sep 4

Fear not, my friends, those who threaten you

For by their threat they show their own deep fear

Fear not the heartless for they are few

All those with souls stand beside you here

See the helpless baby there now crying

Little feet and slobbering everywhere

Such birth denies all thoughts of dying

And turns our loving eyes with tender care

Upon tomorrows baby that we nurture

With all our great faith and fellowship of man

Ensuring that the sun will shine in future

Built on the memories from which this love began

Fear not! Fear not! For there comes a morrow

When we will all together shed our sorrow




America 2001

Sep 5

From the darkness comes new light,

From the rubble lasting cries,

Prayers that germinate from night

As terror and the turmoil dies.

And they stand firm as families do

Heads held high above the smoke

In heart and soul forever true

For these are great resilient folk

God will keep them; serve their needs

Accept the souls of those who died

For evil in this nation breeds

A greater deeper lasting pride

God bless America, yes we sing,

For God on Earth made everything.



Do Not Weep

Sep 6

Do not weep for every teardrop shed

Leaves a stain that will forever last

A joyous thought in the Devils head

In the hearts of Terrorists amassed

Take from darkness every glimpse of light

Light a candle lest we should forget

Stand up tall with a renewed might

For freedom is not defeated yet

Share your hearts your minds and souls

Pray for those who lost their lives today

Whose parts lie in the livid burning coals

Yes for them the victims let us pray

Remember while you pray that it is true

That God made all the Terrorists too




Fly the Flag

Sep 7

Fly the flag sir, til the day doth come

When tears and blood have washed terror from the Earth

Til that day sir, when all the killing done

Describes what freedoms values are really worth.

Fly your flag sir, in the free wind watch it clap

Applaud the men and women of the land

Who turned from sorrow into freedoms lap

And sacrificed their lives for something grand

Stand up tall mid the ruins of your birth

From where germinates a host of united souls

Where good folk discovered the Evil on this Earth

Yet with faith and tears put out the Devils coals.

Ere savour this all sweet freedoms foes

You waste your hate, for a free world from it grows



Freedoms Lost

Sep 8

Our own law and our belief in freedom

Is oft the enemy within.

For this is what our enemies feed on,

Our diversion in avoiding sin.

How free can freedom be to sustain it?

How many lies can the media tell?

How many crimes committed will retain it?

How many peoples lives will end in hell?

Tis now the time that rights be rejected

That freedoms lost are for Freedoms gain.

That all those folk by this change effected

Share their anguish and their common pain

Stand together, solid and protected,

That by your actions freedom is retained.



Golden Eagle

Sep 9

Soar then through the wide blue heavens

Proud bird with wings wide spread

Swoop down through the torrid havens

Until the foe is dead

Cast thy giant shadow wide

Seek out the evil prey

And glide the heavens with great pride

For tis your vengeful day

In the cloves of the mountains

Oer the vast wide open plains

Through the damp and tepid marshes

Where thy freedom ever reigns

Great bird, though through a cloud filled sky,

Will thee, with great freedom, always fly.



Sep 10

Twin Towers of freedom came tumbling down

into the streets of the city of tears

Where thousands of people from countries renown

Died to the Terrorists cheers

Dead in the rubble were bodies of people

From where a new freedom was born

For out of the dust another great steeple

Rose proudly into a new dawn

Across the wide land where fear had scattered

The shadow of anger was spread

But the people attended to those things that mattered

And buried their innocent dead

With freedom restored they all came together

Condemning this horrible foe

Who have no where to hide regardless of weather

They have a million places to go



Help Darfur